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Extract from last posting:
"The mind cannot know the truth. All you can affirm initially is that 'this is not the truth' or this 'I do not know'. Only by subtracting the false can the truth which is the true self, manifest through the suffocating delusion of the mind."

The Ten Esoteric Tenets To Enlightenment

All that is of time and within time is impermanent thus false.

All that has a beginning and an end is but an illusion appearing momentarily upon the screen of absence (infinite consciousness).

All that has a beginning and an end may give the illusion of a middle but the beginning and end meet in an indefinable illusory moment of the ever present now.

All that is observed, both the object and the subject, is but a dream creation of consciousness - yet the knower who knows of the knowing is beyond time and space and beyond infinite consciousness.


I am not my body or mind - I seek the knower who "thinks" it has a mind and body.

I am not a human being - I seek the knower who knows that consciousness contains all and is totality.

I am neither reflections nor perceptions - yet all that I perceive, both sensory and mental, are but distorted reflections of the real.

I am not within the world - the world is within me. I seek the knower who is infinite awareness - whose centre is spaceless, timeless and dimensionless and whose nature is Bliss and Love.

I am the knower and the knower is omniscience. All that I need to know I already know. Yet all that I 'think' I am - I am not.

Creation Begins - Creation ends - yet "I am".


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