The Cauldron By Charles Goodwin Chapter 19

The Founding of Chiron

Chapter 19

Chiron’s Ecumenical Solstice

The impatient banging on the cabin door startled Rebecca out of her deep slumber. She glanced at her watch as she threw on her tracksuit and rebuked herself when she realised she had slept through the early morning darshan.

Melissa stood at the unlocked door puffing and holding her hand over her heart but with brown eyes beaming.

‘I know. I’ve slept right through darshan,’ stumbled Rebecca apologetically as she beckoned Melissa to enter.

‘Good morning – I’m sorry to wake you like this but I have important news.’

Rebecca became alert. Her sleepiness vanished. ‘What news?’

‘Darshan was cancelled – that is why I didn’t send someone to come and wake you – after what happened early this morning, I thought you would need the sleep.’ The aboriginal elder gasped and paused whilst she caught her breath before continuing. ‘But I rushed here as fast as my old legs could carry me as soon as I heard the news. I also have a message for you.’

‘What’s the news? ‘What’s the message?’ Rebecca repeated excitedly.

‘Darshan has never been cancelled before – yet every one has been asked to stay away from the Mandir today for security reasons. We are expecting very important visitors.’

Rebecca’s hopes rose. Her eyes and facial language urged Melissa to continue.

Melissa again paused and her teasing added drama to Rebecca’s excited impatience. ‘Everyone that is, except a few invited guests!’

Rebecca’s eyes widened to straining point. And then she heard the words she was so desperate to hear.

‘Yes Rebecca! You are invited! Wakonda has requested your attendance!’

Rebecca hugged Melissa with excitement. ‘When? Why? What do I do? I feel so honoured.’

‘History will be made today.’ And then Melissa’s added prophetically, ‘In fact today could prove to be the most auspicious day in the history of mankind.’

‘I don’t understand. Who is coming?’ replied Rebecca gravely.

‘I am sorry Rebecca – I do not have the authority to tell you. The events will unfold exactly the way they are destined to unfold.’ Melissa appeared to be in a distant contemplation as if a sadness befell her. Then added, ‘So it’s best you get dressed, have some breakfast at the canteen and meet me in one hour on the lawns in front of the Mandir where we met yesterday.’

Rebecca nodded her acceptance. ‘I’d like to thank you for coming to me early this morning. How do you do that? I mean astral travel like that – you actually spoke to me. How is that possible?’

‘You have now the eyes to see. Your eyes have been opened. That is the most important part of astral communication. We all astral travel – only the majority are unawakened and are unaware of their journeys and visions. To the unawakened they are just muddled dreams and nightmares.’


‘Not now, there isn’t time – later.’ She answered turning to the door. ‘I have many important duties to perform today.’

Rebecca persisted. ‘ Please could you answer me one question before you leave. Please…?’

‘OK just one Rebecca.’

Rebecca spoke quickly. ‘In a few short days so much has happened. It’s surreal. It’s as if time itself has sped up. I mean even my friend Monica – she met Justin and fell immediately in love. I met Paul and now I’m pregnant and half way around the world in Chiron. And now today the big historic occasion, whatever it is. Everything is moving too fast. I don’t understand. The play is unfolding so quickly. Usually events grind their way to conclusions. What’s happening?’

Melissa’s face displayed both sympathy and agreement as she replied. ‘The illusion of time has certainly sped up – it’s because we are running out of physical Earth time. The guardians – the protectors, I mentioned this morning have been using their especially granted powers to manipulate events so that they appear to occur faster. They cannot alter events that are destined, but they can allow and encourage such events to evolve sooner. You are experiencing this phenomena first hand. It is also important to understand that the higher you go in the spiritual realms the vibrational rate is faster. So they are able, by intervention, to speed events up more akin to their own time.’ Melissa paused before adding, ‘You will learn much here in Chiron – so be patient and all will be revealed sooner than you think possible.’

Rebecca now realised that the topic was too vast for a doorstop question. ‘Thank you for your answer and for bringing the news to me personally, you have been so helpful to me.’ She shrugged and then added ‘And I’ve only been here a day.’

‘It is a blessing to be of service.’ the kindly aboriginal elder replied humbly. ‘I’ll see you soon. I must go now.’ She stopped abruptly and turned to Rebecca and handed her an envelope. ‘Oops I almost forgot – I was supposed to give you this official invitation and security pass. You will need it to gain access to the Mandir area and to the Mandir itself.’

Rebecca closed the door and immediately jumped in the air with rapturous glee. ‘Yes’ she whispered clutching the envelope fervently. ‘Yes! I have my audience with Wakonda’. And then she tried to calm her excitement. Her mind verballed, ‘Must try to keep an even disposition – remember, the highs create the lows. As Melissa had advised yesterday, try to keep a detached balance. Stay the independent observer… Watch the flow …’ Rebecca soon realised that the middle path of detached equilibrium was not going to happen for her at that time. ‘Oh what the heck, I’m just so damn ecstatic.’ She mused. ‘Now what to wear?’

What to wear indeed. Geminis are usually the fastest dressers of all the sun signs. Very rarely keeping their partners or friends waiting. They usually can shower quickly and throw their clothes on in an instant and manage to look just right for just about any occasion.

But not this time.

Rebecca agonised like a Libran. ‘Who are the important guests? How formal is this occasion? How should I dress to meet Wakonda? I will look stupid standing or sitting out there on the lawn in formal attire, but would look equally out of place in jeans and a blouse if there happened to be a highbrow gathering in the Mandir. And what if a miracle materialized and one of the guests happened to be Paul. And God forbid - what if that Sonia woman came with him – I bet she would be dressed up to the nines. And god, look at my hair!’

What to wear indeed.

Rebecca was aware of the time ticking away and managed to work herself up into a nervous frenzy before making an impulse decision. Conservative white blouse, mid length pleated skirt over stockings, matching jacket and flat shoes. ‘Ah the safe and boring middle path,’ she reflected as she rushed for the shower. ‘I know that’s probably not what the Buddha quite had in mind when he recommended the doctrine to his followers - but oh well, it’s the best I can do in the circumstances.’

A hurried breakfast and fifty minutes later Rebecca made her way to the Mandir.

As she approached the lawned area she noticed at once that the landscape had changed dramatically. In place of the rows of people there now were parked rows of black chauffer-driven limousines and other official looking government cars and vans. Armed security personnel of various nationalities were darting around acting terribly officious and serious, barking into their mobiles, making last minute security arrangements. Chauffeurs stood alert and erect next to their individual cars as if each had the job of personally guarding their own particular car from any attempted sabotage. Satellite dishes erected on some of the vans added to the sobriety of the scene before her.

Rebecca struggled to understand the meaning of such a huge contingent.

She gingerly approached the perimeter. Rebecca showed her pass to the serious faced young Chiron volunteer who nervously directed her to a large clearing behind some trees at the far end of the rows of vehicles.

Rebecca headed off towards the clearing as directed.

‘Hi Rebecca!’ The voice was familiar and came from between two of the limousines. Rebecca turned and glanced between the cars. Lynette strode briskly towards her. ‘Well fancy seeing you again so soon. What are you doing here? I thought everyones been told to clear this area today.’

The overly direct and undiplomatic question took Rebecca off guard and she wanted to reply in the same American accent ‘Well it’s none of your god damn business’. Instead she heard herself answering ‘I happen to be an official guest of Wakonda. Here’s my pass.’

‘Wow I’m impressed!’ Lynette remained upbeat. ‘You really are one lucky lady.’

‘Yes I know.’ Rebecca replied coolly. ‘And what are you doing here. Part of the security I presume. I should have guessed yesterday something was up if you were here.’

‘A very small part I assure you. More of a embedded reporter or an observer if you know what I mean.’

‘No I haven’t the faintest idea what you mean.’ replied Rebecca perplexed. ‘All I’ve been told is that there are some important visitors arriving and by the look of these cars I presume they are already here.’

‘Hell no. You presume wrong! As far as I’ve managed to ascertain, these cars are just for a few high placed beaurocratic underlings and for the security teams – apparently the VIPs are expected to begin arriving in about twenty or so minutes.’

‘So who are these VIPs?’

‘I honestly don’t know. I’ve tried to milk some of these guys for information and they have all clammed up. No one’s saying anything! Previously, all I was told is that there are rumours of a big flap on Downunder in Chiron and that I should be here and observe.’

‘Well I guess we’ll soon see who these mysterious visitors are.’

‘Year I guess so.’ Answered Lynette thoughtfully.

Rebecca hurried on to the designated clearing and spotted Melissa waving to her.

‘Over here Rebecca. There is a seat here under the trees ready for you.’

‘Where are the other guests?’ asked Rebecca noticing that Melissa was alone.

‘No one else here – just you.’ replied Melissa. ‘Please no questions. Please sit! I must go to the Mandir. At the appointed time I will come and fetch you and accompany you inside. Please do not leave this spot until I return.’

Rebecca, a little bewildered, shrugged her agreement and sat down on the garden bench as requested. Melissa hurried off even before Rebecca could answer.

The clearing was about the size of a football field but more oval than rectangular. Tall mountain blue gums, river she oaks and other native trees and shrubs boarded the clearing to the far side in a semi-circle opposite the Mandir. Rebecca could hear the melodic sound of water from the Wandjina River babbling over rocks somewhere behind the trees. Various unseen birds of the one hundred and forty or so bird species native to the Blue Mountains serenaded her as she sat meditatively in the warm sunshine and pure healing air. The sky was clear and azure blue. The enticing picturesque mountainous backdrop appeared ripe for future exploring. ‘Alone again,’ she thought to herself. ‘That’s twice in two days – sitting in front of the gleaming white marble Mandir alone - but oh what different circumstances. Late yesterday zero expectations. Today high expectations. This is all so weird.’

A figure appeared from between the trees over to her left and he began to amble towards her. He was stooped and walked with the aid of a stout pole that was higher than his own body. As he neared, Rebecca observed that he was aboriginal, curly haired and elderly. He wore only a loincloth and was barefoot.

‘May I sit next to you for a few moments lady. It’s warm and I have walked a long way today.’

‘Of course you can there is plenty of room on this bench for two.’ Rebecca rose to her feet as she spoke to assist the old man.

‘How far have you journeyed.’ She asked attempting to start a conversation as she sat down.

The old man ran his long brown fingers through his silver hair, opened his mouth displaying a half set of white teeth and roared with infectious laughter.

Rebecca began laughing too but had no idea why.

‘Why are we laughing?’ she asked ‘What is so funny?’

‘Your funny joke. It was so funny.” He replied still chuckling.

‘But what joke? I only asked how far have you journeyed?’

The old man once again roared with laughter. ‘It’s even funnier hearing you tell it a second time.’

Rebecca felt compassion for the old aboriginal but thought the poor soul must have become a little simple in his old age. ‘So where are you travelling to? How far do you have to go? She asked genuinely concerned for his wellbeing.

Her questions only resulted in more tumultuous laughter.

Rebecca became quite convinced that her gentle companion was quite mad. ‘I am to be a special guest of Wakonda today,’ she announced quite proudly in a manner befitting a Victorian English schoolmarm to her pupil. ‘There are some very important people arriving here soon.’

‘Yes lady – bush telegraph told me some boss cockies come today. Had big problems choosing what to wear for the bush bash so I decided to look like that Ghandiji feller.’ The old man broke into another episode of side splitting laughter.’

‘Have you a pass? How did you get through the security cordon?

‘Pass? What do old aboriginal feller need a pass for?’

Rebecca showed him her pass. ‘This is what they gave me to show to the security.’

‘Ah! A piece of paper.’

‘No not just a piece of paper.’ She answered accenting the word just. ‘This is a very important identification document. Very important!’

Even as Rebecca spoke she could see two of the blue sashed security volunteers walking straight towards them. I think they have spotted you,’ she added. ‘I’m afraid you may have to leave this area.’

‘Yes you are right lady. They will make me leave here. But I like being with you cause you are too funny.’

‘I am sorry. Perhaps I can come and visit you in a few days to see how you are.’

‘Oh yes lady – you can come and visit this old black feller anytime.’

The two security volunteers stopped several metres away and then bowed their heads in reverence. Rebecca thought, ‘How polite’ and took it upon herself to beckon them to come closer.’

The old aboriginal broke into laughter again, clearly embarrassing the two volunteers as well as Rebecca with the outburst.

And then Rebecca’s jaw dropped.

The two volunteers eloquently stooped down onto their knees in front of the seated old man and then in turn, leaned over and devoutly kissed his feet. ‘Master we have been sent to find you to escort you into the Mandir. Wakonda awaits.’

Rebecca sat shell-shocked. Her mind went totally blank with stark embarrassment.

The old man was helped up and leaned one arm over the shoulders of the taller volunteer. Karadra the holy seer looked directly into Rebecca’s eyes and spoke sweetly, ‘Ah Rebecca, perhaps you can now ask yourself, how far have you journeyed? Where are you travelling to and how far have you to go?

‘But I thought… ‘stumbled Rebecca. ‘I meant…’

As he spoke Karadra’s beaming smile radiated into her soul. ‘Now don’t forget to come and visit this old black feller as you promised. And yes I do still read past lives.’ He turned to his two new companions and spoke in jest. ‘So much fuss – I didn’t know what to wear. This lady didn’t know what to wear. So much fuss for a few boss cockies!’

She could hear him chuckling as he walked away in his loincloth to the Mandir.

Rebecca chastised herself for being so condescending to one who was regarded with such respect, reverence and heartfelt deference. Yet she felt blessed that the revered saint had given her an ego lesson she would never forget. ‘To think I had the audacity to ask an enlightened being such questions. I should have recognised his beauty. He knew my name, my question in the car to Justin regarding my past lives, even the fuss I made choosing what to wear. He adorned a loincloth to show me that such matters are irrelevant. And I in turn failed to even recognise him.’ She smiled with awe as she stared to the heavens. She raised both arms to shoulder level, spread her hands palms upwards and uttered out loud to the sky, ‘The blessed magic of Chiron – my home!’

Her tranquillity was short lived.

At first a mere drone in the distance.

Closer. The drone became markedly louder.

With a unified screech, flocks of birds took to the skies from the bordering trees.

Closer. Deafening - coming from the sky. Yet still no visible sign.

And then she saw them. ‘Four, five six – no now I count seven! No twelve, there is at least a dozen!’’ gasped Rebecca to herself above the din. They came from the northeast. Flying in a v formation, skimming over the tops of the trees – Australian military helicopters.

Rebecca held her hands to her ears. The noise was now unbearable. They hovered over the clearing but thankfully closer to the Mandir than where Rebecca sat glued to her bench.

With well-rehearsed precision two Sikorsky Black Hawks momentarily touched the ground. Twenty-eight of Australia’s elite Special Air Service hooded troopers armed with AICW weapons leapt from the doors into the newly formed dust storm and immediately secured the perimeter of the clearing. Within seconds the two choppers lifted off and flew off passing directly over Rebecca. An SAS soldier now stood less than twenty meters from Rebecca. ‘He yelled at her ‘Don’t move from that seat till I give you the all clear!’ and at the same time waived her to keep down.

Rebecca did not hear a word but understood clearly. She was not about to move.

Another larger helicopter now landed. The doors were flung open and that was when Rebecca’s consciousness lapsed into what appeared to be a slow moving cinematic slide show.

One of the black chauffer-driven limousines drove into the clearing and pulled up close but at a safe distance to the chopper. The car’s doors opened and four security men jumped out and stood by the open doors.

Rebecca now looked back to the choppers doorway. “It can’t possibly be!’ she gasped with stark disbelief. ‘It’s the Pope! It’s the Roman Catholic Pope!

And Rebecca was correct.

Down the steps of the chopper came the Pope followed by four other obviously high-ranking church officials. The visitors were unceremoniously, almost bundled, into the stretched limousine. The security men jumped in behind them and the car sped off in the direction of the Mandir. At precisely the same time the large chopper took off and followed the flight path of the two Blackhawks, namely directly over Rebecca’s head. The whole well orchestrated sequence had only lasted but a few minutes. Rebecca, wide eyed, with hands still blocking her ears, didn’t dare blink.

The fourth helicopter now landed and the procedure was repeated. That is, it was repeated with one exception. This time the visitors represented the Jewish faith. Three Rabbis and the Israeli Prime Minister alighted from the chopper and into the awaiting car.

The fifth helicopter landed with the Sunni and Shi’a Muslim entourage.

The sixth carried the Hindus and Sikhs.

The Seventh, the Buddhist, including the Dalai Lama himself.

The eighth contained the Bahá’í representatives.

The ninth, the Russian and Greek Orthodox.

The tenth, representatives of the Charismatic Christian movement.

The eleventh, the Anglican and Uniting Churches.

And each time the visitors were whisked away in the same prompt manner. Each time the large dust-creating helicopter lifted off within three or four minutes and flew directly over Rebecca.

The well rehearsed landings then ceased and it was over.

Well almost over.

There was less noise now. Rebecca lowered her hands to her lap, looked down at her skirt and realized that she was partly covered in dust and leaves. She made a brave attempt to brush herself off whilst remaining seated. She smiled as she remembered the laughing Karadra dressed in a loincloth and how much effort she’d made in deciding what to wear.

Only one helicopter remained hovering aloft. It didn’t land in the same strict sequence as all the others. Rebecca saw the SAS officers discussing something on their field phones. The chopper stayed aloft for several more minutes.

Without warning one of the officers waived his hands as he spoke and Rebecca interpreted rightly that he’d just instructed the pilot via the mobile to bring it down.

The car as before drove up to the chopper.

The chopper’s doors opened.

And there unmistakeably stood Paul.

Rebecca’s heart leapt and she jumped to her feet waving her arms in an attempt to capture Paul’s attention. The nearest SAS soldier snapped, ‘For god’s sake sit down! You’ll likely to get your head blown off!’

Rebecca immediately sat. She knew he was not kidding.

Paul descended the steps and stooping, walked briskly to the car.

Rebecca thought he’d looked momentarily in her direction. She thought he had seen her just as the soldier had ordered her to be seated. Yet she couldn’t be sure. Paul stopped at the car and Rebecca could see him discussing something with the security men. They appeared to be arguing. He climbed into the car.

Rebecca’s elation nose-dived.

She looked back to the chopper. An intimidating tall bearded man dressed in a robe and with long black hair wildly blowing in the wind, stepped onto the ground, glanced in her direction, seemingly smiled and disappeared into the car. Then she immediately recognised Don Ormsby and then… ‘No it can’t be,’ Rebecca gasped. The last person to step from the craft was a woman. A young beautifully dressed woman with blonde hair and even from that distance Rebecca could see she had a captivating smile. ‘Sonia! Damn it, he’s brought Sonia with him!’

Rebecca leaned back on the seat and crashed. She felt drained emotionally and physically – and pregnant. The spiritual ego smashing roller coaster was taking its toll. ‘God please give me strength. I beg you,’ she pleaded as the last chopper flew over her head showering her with another dust bath. ‘I don’t think I can take anymore of this.’

She heard a mobile ring. She looked round blandly.

The adjacent SAS trooper was talking on his field phone and looking at her at the same time.

He walked over to her. ‘Are you Rebecca Childs?’

‘Yes,’ unfortunately I am,’ she answered uncaringly.

‘Someone here wishes to speak to you.’

Rebecca knew it was Melissa but had temporarily lost any genuine enthusiasm to save the planet. She reluctantly took the phone from the soldier and held it to her ear.’

The voice she heard was male. ‘Rebecca?’

‘Yes.’ And then the penny dropped. ‘Paul? Is that you Paul?’

‘Yes it is. God I have missed you. Rebecca will you marry me?’

‘Yes… Yes of course I will marry you darling. Of course!’

‘Good! Thankyou - must go. See you soon. I had to argue enough to get this call put through.’

The line went dead. Rebecca handed the phone back to the hooded soldier.

‘He asked me to marry him!’

“If you don’t mind me saying, from what I can see before me, he’s one lucky fellow.’

Rebecca smiled – no more than just smiled, she beamed. “Thank you. You have no idea how much I needed to hear those kind words.

‘And I shouldn’t worry about that blonde piece if I were you. She’d make a good night out but not a good wife.’

Rebecca wanted to kiss the soldier on the cheek but of course couldn’t.

“You are observant aren’t you?’ she stated smiling.

‘We’re trained to be observant. We don’t miss too much.’ He replied with total understatement.

The famed Australian SAS soldiers “nicknamed the phantoms of the jungle, the mountains and the deserts”, their initial task completed, were abruptly given the prearranged signal to leave the perimeter to take up positions around the Mandir.

‘Good luck with the wedding.’ He said as he scurried off.

‘Thank you!’ Rebecca cried out. ‘Thank you and please take care of yourself.’

‘Quite spectacular, wasn’t it?’ Melissa asked as she walked up to where Rebecca was still seated. ‘Sorry to keep you waiting. I had much to organise.’

Rebecca was thankful to see Melissa. It had only been twenty minutes or so since the soldier had departed but those twenty minutes had dragged painfully slow. “What on earth is happening?’ she asked excited. ‘There was the Pope, the Dalai Lama, leaders representing all the world’s great religions and there was Paul. Oh Melissa. He’s asked me to marry him.’

‘And what was your answer?’

‘I said yes, naturally.’

‘Good then let us proceed to the Mandir. Come!’


‘No buts,’ interrupted Melissa. ‘There is no time for explanations. All will be revealed. Come!’

Rebecca and Melissa walked briskly from the clearing, through the mediation gardens and onto the central path to the Mandir. “Bye the way,’ Rebecca said, “I met your brother Karadra today. He came and sat next to me on the bench.’

‘Did he now? How interesting,’ mused Melissa knowingly. ‘I wonder why he wore that loincloth today of all days? He said that he had trouble deciding what to wear but of course that’s impossible. Karadra is totally beyond ego and attachments.’

‘I think you know very well he was teaching me a lesson.’

Melissa’s eyes betrayed mischief. ‘Yes brother Karadra is always teaching someone a lesson. He sure has strange ways of doing it though. Still you should consider your meeting a blessing.’

‘Oh I do,’ she answered.

They walked across the wide bluestone bridge that crossed the Mandir’s shallow moats. A gentle fresh spray from the fountains cooled their faces in the light breeze. Rebecca wiped the spray off her face, not realizing for a moment that the residual dust covering her had now become muddied streaks.

The perimeter walls were about three metres high and faced with the same gleaming white marble. Rebecca showed her pass at the outer gates to the Chiron volunteer.

It was only when she walked passed the gates and into the inner gardens area and courtyards that she could fully appreciate the mammoth grandeur of the Mandir. She stopped momentarily and stared upwards and about her in awe and devoutness. The huge blue central dome above the thirty metre high exterior walls - the gold clad spires reaching to the heavens - the hundred or so tall marbled pillars - the cool tessellated verandas – the superb stained glass windows - the fountains and ponds.

But there was more to the Mandir than just the mesmeric structure. Rebecca felt the ambience of the building radiate into her heart chakra. An ambience charged with an energy of sanctity and supreme peace. An ambience celestial and divine.

‘So what do you think of our Mandir. Our abode of peace?’ Melissa whispered.

Rebecca, savouring the moment, took a little while to answer. ‘It’s breathtaking – so beautiful. From the mountain it looked like the Taj Mahal yet from here it’s as if St Paul’s Cathedral and The White House also inspired the architect. I had no idea the Mandir was so large.’ Rebecca felt tears of blessedness well in her eyes. ‘Abode of peace is right. There is so much love here. It feels like a part of heaven itself.’

Melissa nodded in agreement. ‘I think we’d better go inside. Wakonda will be waiting.’

A wave of exalted nervous excitement shuddered down Rebecca’s spine as she walked between the exquisitely carved huon pine doors into the main prayer hall’s anteroom. Her footsteps echoed as she attempted to step softly upon the marble tiles. She tried to breathe with shallow gasps as even her breathing was amplified by the acoustics.

‘Please remove your shoes here.’ Melissa whispered as she slipped out of her own sandals.

Rebecca did the same, observing the neat rows of some one hundred or so pairs.

Melissa led her into the main hall, as a first-degree candidate would be led into the Blue Lodge of a Freemason’s hall.

The cathedral like prayer hall with the lofty domed ceiling, although spectacularly large, was dim and lit only by candles. All sunlight had mysteriously been shut out by the heavy drapes that covered the stained glass windows. The aromatic smell of incense and fragrant oils filled the air. The tables were set in a huge semi-circle with white tablecloths. Upon the cloths in front of each guest were placed three red roses and a gold candelabra with three lighted candles. Seated around the tables were the newly arrived visitors, Chiron’s board of trustees and various other special guests. In the semi-light Rebecca guessed at about a hundred or so were seated there that auspicious day.

Rebecca timidly glanced around the tables. Her eyes latched onto Wakonda’s. The holy man stood up from his chair and beckoned them both to come and sit in the two vacant chairs to his left. Then Rebecca saw Paul sitting in the chair to Wakonda’s right. And to the right of Paul sat the grinning Karadra obviously still dressed only in his loincloth.

Rebecca was overwhelmed if not totally stunned.

Her excitement combined with the holy presence of Wakonda and Karadra plus so many important dignitaries muted her mind. She felt in a trance as she made her way with Melissa around the assembly to her seat. She could feel Paul’s pleading intent eyes but for some strange reason could not bring herself to even dare look at him.

She heard Wakonda distantly say ‘Welcome to Chiron’ as she took her seat next to the Master. She could vaguely feel herself nodding an acknowledgement. Her consciousness had expanded to a point where she no longer felt the outer limits of her body. Just waves of bliss permeating into each and every atom of her being – a being that for now was beyond boundaries – beyond form – beyond mind.

Wakonda did not sit down.

Instead he addressed the gathering. The master spoke symphoniously from the heart. And as he spoke his voice and spirit filled the Mandir with exquisite vibrations of Divine Love.

‘My friends we are here today in celebration of the conjoining together of these two beautiful souls. Rebecca Childs and Paul Schurnburg.’

Rebecca gulped and came back to earth with a resounding thud. She now looked at Paul whom she could see was equally as shell-shocked. He deliberated for a split second then shrugged his shoulders, winked at her and grinned as if to say, ‘Well its fine with me!’ Rebecca communicated her approval to him by simply nodding. Her mercurial mind had decided without further hesitation to “go with the flow”.

A beautiful smile came over Wakonda’s face when he observed their agreement. He signaled with his hand for them to stand together. He then asked Melissa and Karadra to stand each side of Rebecca and Paul.

‘True marriages are indeed made in heaven,’ he continued. ‘And today I confirm unto you that heaven is at hand. Heaven is less than a hair’s breadth away. The many mansions are the many inhabited dimensions existing in the same space in the fluidity of consciousness and the Sacred Pneuma.

Divine wisdom regarding such blessed unions has been inculcated into the doctrines of all spiritual pathways to God. Each union serves as an illuminating channel of light, piercing through the darkness of the lower astrals and into the heavenly realms to the abode of the angels and guides. In turn this channel is used to deliver back to those here on the earthly plane even greater Divine wisdom and light.’

And then he continued as if addressing all those assembled there.

‘Wisdom is not knowledge but knowing and such knowing can only be achieved through direct and continuously reborn experience via the power of Divine Love. Divine Love is God. The Divine law of creation is love and service unto all beings. Rebecca and Paul you will come to realize that you cannot truly love each other until you open your hearts up fully to loving yourselves and others equally. You cannot truly claim you love God when you have judged others as the ignorant ones and that your own particular belief system or doctrine is superior. Remember this when the temptation to hoard and arrange knowledge arises within. Remember always that in our Father’s House there is only one religion and that is the religion of Divine Love.’

Rebecca and Paul both heard the murmurings from those who were seated and guessed that not all were fully in agreement with Wakonda’s words.

‘As you are aware, the tree gives its cooling shade to both the sinner and the saint - the Christian and the Jew - the Moslem and the Hindu and to the Buddhist and the Sikhs. The tree does not rush to its scriptures to first enquire to whom the shade can be justly given. Similarly God the merciful channels Divine Love to all equally who are open to receive. So keep your hearts vulnerably uncovered and your minds free of prejudices and conclusions so that they can be filled unhindered with celestial love.

Service to others is the fruit of Divine Love. But be sure to give of such service unconditionally without fear or expectation of reward lest the fruit be spoilt.

Right conduct is the path of Divine Love, not the path of self-righteousness, ego or impatience.

Non-violence equals non-duality. Ultimately, all division, however subtle, contains the seed of violence and is a form of violence. Whilst the mind fragments and dissects to understand, the heart conjoins to experience understanding. Union and non-duality is the spiritual heart’s very nature and non-duality is God. Thus when two people become a union in spirit, heaven indeed rejoices.’

Wakonda paused for a few moments and looked up to the dark ceiling of the dome as if he was communicating to entities unseen.

‘Truth is never of the past. So do not seek truth in memories or records or doctrines. Truth is the ever present now immersed in celestial love. The now is beyond mind and always must be so as the mind can only ever be past tense. Truth can only be experienced in the now. From that moment on it is no longer truth but corrupted ideology. The wise know the difference.’

Wakonda graciously ignored the new murmurings and turned to Rebecca. His clear brown eyes, the epitome of holiness, beamed like searchlights of love. 'Rebecca now I ask you – are you here to be married to Paul on your own freewill?’

‘Yes Wakonda I am.’ she answered. The tears rolling down her cheeks creating cute furrows of dirt from the earlier dust bath.

‘Paul I now ask you – are you here to be married to Rebecca on your own freewill?’

‘I am.’ He replied with Teutonic precision, almost snapping his heals together as he spoke.

‘Then each join hands with the other and hear what I am about to say. Please refrain from asking questions or passing comment until this ceremony is over.'

Rebecca and Paul both nodded.

‘I am to drop my body in the very near future. It will be revealed that I too was betrayed. Those who are planning and scheming my demise are already here in Chiron. Their paymasters, on behalf of their master Marduk, arrived on one of the helicopters today and are seated here at this round table.’

The murmurings, denials and accusations now became loud and persistent.

Wakonda held his hand up, palm outward to silence the guests’ outrage. ‘It is my wish and also the wish of the Angelic Council that you Paul and Rebecca, as man and wife, take over the stewardship of Chiron once I am crossed over. I will continue to give Darshan in my spirit body each morning and evening at the Mandir. Great healings will take place and the fame of Chiron will spread around the globe. Know that you have both been close to me in many former lifetimes and already agreed to this arrangement before you chose to incarnate in this earthly sojourn. Your first boy-child will take over after Paul. He will be named Peter-Tjukurpa.’

Rebecca held Paul’s hand to her stomach and nodded to him. His mouth gaped but Rebecca could see in his eyes that he was happy with the news.

Paul also knew that with Rebecca by his side he could and would accept the supreme honor that Wakonda was bestowing upon them. The knowledge that Marduk was responsible for the murder of his parents fired his agreement.

Wakonda continued the attestation. ‘Now I say unto you all here gathered. If Chiron succeeds, the outcome of the coming trials and tribulations as prophesized by the prophets will herald in a new and wondrous beginning for the Earth and its inhabitants. Conversely, failure will result in the nature and the physics of this entire universe and many other close parallel universes dramatically changing from light to darkness as the cancerous evil slowly mutates its way through the dimensions.

Chiron is the line drawn in the sand – it is our last defensive position. Australia and New Zealand will become one nation and the next world super power. Look for the sign - when Antarctica blooms again you will know that the new beginning has arrived and Chiron has finally won the struggle. With the advent of this next root race, known as the New Lemurians the raised consciousness of humans will be such that they will be able to commune openly with the heavenly spheres and all suffering will be extinguished from this planet forever. The new Earth will become the universal center of spiritual learning. The illusory concept of ownership and possession will simply dissolve from human consciousness and death of the physical body will only be viewed and understood as a crossing to higher states.

Paul and Rebecca, if you agree to be the stewards of Chiron upon my passing please accept these especially empowered encrypted Holy Seals of Chiron as your wedding bands. By each of you placing one of these Seals of Chiron upon the ring finger of the other you will signify to God, The Angelic Council and all who are gathered here today that you both agree to be bound to each other and to the success of Chiron. These rings will grant to you varying powers and protection from the evil forces that will surround you until your deaths.'

Rebecca gingerly took one of the large gold rings and placed it carefully on Paul’s finger. Paul took the remaining ring and placed it on Rebecca’s finger. They looked at each other with tears of longing and heavenly gratitude in their eyes. Neither could possibly know the full ramifications of their decision. Yet they both said in unison, ‘We agree Wakonda.’

‘Then by the power invested in me by the Divine I now pronounce you man and wife. Paul you may now kiss the bride.’

As the two lover’s lips finally met, the guests rose to their feet and clapped. That is they all rose with the exception of Sonia who was sitting unnoticed in the dim light on the other side of the round table with tears streaming down her face. Don and Bashar both put a hand on her shoulders to console her as they stood.

Nobody heard Sonia whisper the words under her breath aimed at Rebecca. ‘Damn it, I love Paul. You might have his ring and carry his baby but you’ll never have him completely. He also happens to love me. I know in my heart it is true. God cannot be so unjust.’

But Wakonda was not finished. He now directed his attention to all those present and asked them to be seated. ‘I stated previously that Heaven is at hand – Heaven is less than a hair’s breadth away! Yet how many of you know this as a fact born out of direct experience. How many of you have merely accepted it because your scriptures have told you it is so. There lies the difference between belief and knowing. From today you will all know rather than merely believe. Today will be known as the Day Of Witness. Today will herald in the new world religion - the only world religion. And that religion will be the Religion Of Love Divine.’

Then as the murmurings broke into animated arguments and dissension, Wakonda thundered with the power and force of Thor – silencing the critics in an instant. ‘By the authority vested in me by The Angelic Council I pronounce that henceforth all of the worlds religions are hereby dissolved.’

This time there was complete and utter silence. All seated were taken aback by the sheer force of Wakonda’s anger.

A thought flashed through Rebecca’s mind. ‘He’s replaying the story of Jesus overturning the money changers’ tables in the temple.

Wakonda momentarily turned and glanced at Rebecca as if to read her thought. She was certain that she saw a slight wink in his eye. Another thought flashed into her mind but this time from Wakonda. ‘My anger is not the anger of ego or emotion but akin to the anger of thunder created only for the fulfillment of a purpose. I remain detached at all times.’

Rebecca smiled with understanding and gratitude.

Wakonda continued his address. ‘So many enlightened masters, prophets and saints from Rama, Krishna, Abraham, Jesus the Christ, Buddha Mohammad, Bahá'u'lláh and many more have incarnated upon this planet to spread the message of Divine Love and the good news of Heaven and enlightenment yet their words have been misunderstood and corrupted into doctrines and belief systems of division, ego, power and hate. Tens of millions have suffered and died in their name and now billions more, including the majority of you seated here, will soon die. You have collectively had your chance! You merely removed the Pagan Gods and conveniently replaced them with these dogmas of division. My friends it is now all over. Intersession has once more been necessary for renewal to take place.

You have all heard the story no doubt about the day the devil was walking with one of his disciples upon the path and they happened to see ahead a man bend down and pick up something off the ground. The disciple asked the devil, ‘Master what did that man just pick up?’ ‘Truth,’ the devil replied, ‘He just picked up Truth!’ ‘Then aren’t you worried master,’ replied the disciple. ‘If he has picked up Truth, aren’t we who follow you doomed?’ The devil merely laughed and said, ‘No not at all. We will just help him organize it into a new religion.’

Yes you have heard this story! Yet did you listen? Isn’t that exactly what has happened? Do you really believe that God the almighty will favor a Christian to a Jew – A Buddhist to a Hindu? Do you really think that a Moslem will reach heaven and an equally devoted Bahá’í will not? Do you think there exists walls that divide the various divisional sects from one another in our Father’s House?

Have some of you the minds of imbeciles and the spiritual feet of clay?

The walls that divide are the walls of ignorance and fear. These walls have absolutely nothing to do with the higher celestial regions. Once you are crossed over, it is as Immanuel Swedenborg stated back in the 17th century, your exterior pretences, masks of propriety and respectability along with all of society’s labels dissolve. You are seen clearly for what you are spiritually. You simply will not be able to hide behind any belief system or label. You reach our Father’s House naked as the day you were born. Your particular religion, or the dogmas and doctrines you have followed have nothing to do with the level you cross over at save to the extent that the teachings you have followed have made you into a more spiritual and loving person.

I have visited each of you in the astral on more than one occasion and called you here to Chiron this day. Each of you has seen me in the form corresponding to your beliefs and even now see me in that form. Each of you has been granted some insight into the urgency as to why this auspicious meeting has been necessary.

This Mandir of Chiron has been built like the Ark of Noah, to the specifications of the Angelic Council. And I might add for the same higher reasons. This building is placed at the exact point on Earth and at the exact time in the Earth’s evolution that periodic direct communion with Heaven will be possible. Today you will bear witness to the first mass communion event of Chiron. What you are about to behold will not only serve as a forewarning but will also allow you to experience the truth of my words. This experience will leave each of you with varying spiritual gifts to give you the strength and courage to face your fellow believers in your respective religions. Some of you will return to the comparative safety of Chiron after you have resigned from your official positions. Others will stay amid your flocks as beacons of light as the end approaches. And as mentioned, one of you will betray me.'

Wakonda held his arms out and looked into the ethers and pronounced ‘Behold!’

The prayer hall immediately began to fill with a heavy swirling mist. The vapoury Sacred Pneuma grew thicker and at the same time an intense psychic energy began to generate. Rebecca and Paul felt, as all present could feel, their consciousness expanding past the peripherals of their bodies and merging into the mist and strangely into each other’s consciousness. They felt an unnerving crackling feeling in the crown of their heads as if blood was rushing through their veins at a dangerous ‘stroke like’ level. The light in the room became charged with a feeling of immense and expanding love and as the feeling of love increased so did the brilliance of the light. As the mysterious crackling feeling in their heads subsided they abruptly found themselves free from the binds of their physical bodies. Their senses multiplied a thousand fold. The colours were indescribably brilliant. Exquisite music pervaded the astral atmosphere. Yet in the golden light, Rebecca’s astral eyes could only see Paul, highlighting the truth that at that moment her consciousness was centred only on her beloved. They immediately embraced and as their lips met they each shared the profound experience that the other’s celestial saliva to be like amrit - the nectar of the Gods. The realisation that even bodily secretions in the celestial realms were imbued with Divine love.

Both became highly erotic. ‘Wow!’ whispered Paul – ‘if this is death bring it on ASAP!’

Rebecca laughed and her laugh of joy was a celebration of creative wonderment.

They heard Wakonda’s voice distantly calling them and instantaneously found themselves seated in what appeared to be a brilliant white parliamentary style building the size of a football stadium. Yet the size itself appeared illusory as if the spatial physics of the heavenly dimension allowed the building to expand and contract in line with the consciousness and expectation of usage of the observer.

The other VIP’s and guests from the Mandir were also seated. The robed Wakonda stood on the elevated platform.

And behind Wakonda stood the Angelic Council. The angels stood in rows of seventy and each row was raised one step higher than the preceding row.

‘They all have wings!’ was the first thought of Rebecca’s. ‘Beautiful white feathered wings – some have two, even three pairs - why on earth would they need to display wings?’

Paul knew Rebecca’s thoughts and communicated telepathically. ‘There must be tens of thousands of Angels here. The rows are stepped up into the distance to the horizon.’

‘Welcome to the Angelic Council.’ proclaimed Wakonda. ‘I would like to introduce Jibra'il, the Archangel Gabriel. As many of you know Archangel Gabriel is one of the highest ranked and most beloved of all members of the Angelic Council. Archangel Gabriel will communicate to you by telepathy so that you can each hear and understand in your own native tongue.

And even as Wakonda spoke the tall imposing Archangel appeared next to him.

Rebecca sat spellbound. ‘I have never seen such a strikingly beautiful being, ’ she gasped. ‘And oh my God, Gabriel’s wings and robes are so magnificent.’

Various people began to ask mental questions to Gabriel. All assembled could ‘hear’ and understand both the questions and answers. Many times the answers flowed back to the gathering even before the questioner had completed asking the question.

'Are you male or female? It’s impossible to tell. You are so resplendent.’

‘Totality encompasses both polarities. I am neither male nor female nor asexual. Sexuality is partiality and eventually seen as an illusion once one is ascended. We Seraphims are created of Divine Light. We can take on any form we choose and are able to move at and beyond the speed of light. Contrary to some earthly traditional myths, we do have our own individualized freewill and consequently are able to make our own decisions.’

‘Do you favour one religion over another?’

‘Wakonda has already told you the truth. Religions are manmade. At best they are signposts showing you the way to Heaven. Once you are here the signposts are obsolete. Remember always, conjoining is the nature of the higher realms. Division and partition is the nature of the lower realms. From this fact alone you are able to test the fruit. We ask only that you keep your hearts open to the Divine Love of God.’

‘Why can’t we co-exist peaceably? So many religions – so much division. What is it that always seems to go wrong?’

‘Many factors - but the main influence is the conceitedness, insolence and ignorance in the inherent make up of Man. Man falsely assumes he is an intelligent being and the planet he is on and all the other life forms in it as having either no intelligence or are of limited intelligence. He has yet to discover that all intelligence including thoughts is of a universal nature arising from the Sacred Pneuma rather than from being created from within a few million decayable brain cells. Never assume that a thought is your own. Physical Man’s mind is little more than a receiver and a transmitter receiving impulses and automatically deciphering them through the memory conglomeration of past conditioning, belief systems, traditions, culture etc. Discernment arises from the will – not from the mind.

Problems arise when people are placed in positions of responsibility. Negative influences from the lower dimensions psychically attack them flooding their minds with divisional thoughts and negative ideas – especially when they are tired, stressed or of ill health. We of the higher realms then have to try to negate these thoughts with positive influences and thus the battle is on.’

Leaders of countries and leaders of religions and their advisers are being constantly barraged with negative impulses. This causes immense conflict and because they feel at a heart level that they are being guided from beyond, all believe that God is on their side.

Please know that each and every one of you have several Guardian Angels and at least three guides to assist with this continuing problem. Observe your thoughts like passing clouds and accept and utilise only those that your heart tells you are for your higher good.’

‘Were you once a human being.’

‘No - but neither are you in reality. The illusion that you are encompassed in your physical human body is just that – an illusion. Do you not feel more complete now that you are temporarily disengaged from your physical body?’

‘Yes - but I still feel human - perhaps more evolved.’

‘From the heavenly sphere's perspective, it is the other way around. Knowing yourself as totality – light and love, is hindered by the false memory and attachment of body consciousness. You are made in the image of God and I can assure you that God is not a human being. Being an interdimensional spirit and created from light ensures your survival of the dropping of the physical body. Were you a mere human being death would be final.’

‘Can you explain the term the judgement day?’

‘Firstly it is important to understand that in our hall of records, often referred to as the Akashic Records or as we call it here, The Book of Creation, every thought, word and deed of every being and the truth of every event is recorded. All interconnecting influences and stimuli as well as the soul’s reasons for each material incarnation are also recorded. The Book of Creation is part of Divine consciousness and is totally unbiased and never judgemental.

Secondly, there are myriad states and levels about us. When we speak of higher and lower levels we mean in the dimensional sense of vibrationary frequency not in the spatial sense.

Nearest to the physical Earth are the lower dimensions. These hellish dimensions are filled with the grotesque nightmarish beings whose souls are damned from their own abominable illusionary dream sequences and illusions of despair. Marduk and other masters of the black arts harness the energy of these realms of mass depression to serve their evil ambitions.

The inhabitants of the next levels have more human like forms but still with certain features grotesquely exaggerated. These exaggerated features correspond to the depravation of the entities’ spirits at the time of crossover.

The levels above those are the limbo states of shamed souls who tend to hide their features with cloaks and hoods. Their self-imposed shame creates the self-imposed exile of drabness and toil.

Go higher still and you begin to observe some of the tens of thousands of villages and towns, gardens, hills, lakes and woods – even cities. The souls of these levels ‘think’ they are in heaven. They continue to live their illusions reasonably contented and only adjust their belief systems and prejudices out of convenience rather than for any enlightened understanding.

As one ascends in to the levels of light one begins to experience the Divine Love permeating from all of creation. The aspirant observes brilliant colours and hears the celestial harmonic music. To merge into this bliss is the greatest natural desire of the soul and any remaining consciousness of separation or duality leaves the soul deeply saddened. All form is seen and understood as pure illusion created by the will. These levels are the vibrationary levels of God realization or enlightenment.

So to answer the question relating to judgement day - it depends upon the inner spiritual level of the entity. All outer pretences are slowly stripped away. The spirit in its astral body eventually gravitates to the level it feels the most comfortable at. Those who are there to meet the spirit at the point of the dropping of the body can only do so much. Just like you may find it difficult on Earth to change the nature and habits of another so to is it difficult in the spiritual spheres. Prayer helps of course but in the end the entity must earnestly want to be helped to receive such blessing. We of the higher realms cannot judge another. Indeed, if we were judgemental we could not exist in this sacred space. We observe with compassion but never judge.'

Gabriel then somehow blocked all further questions just when Rebecca was going to ask the question ‘Why do angels have wings?’

The seraphim, with raised arms and wings outwards, without warning combusted to a blistering red and orange fire. The fire quickly became a walled inferno across the raised platform bewildering all those seated. Within the flames graphic three-dimensional visions of Earth began to emerge - visions of events past and prophetic visions of terrifying calamities and sorrow.

As the pictures appeared Gabriel spoke in a most sombre voice. A stereophonic narration that permeated from the cinematic pictures in the flames and from all sides of the building.
‘You are all acutely aware of the genocide of the twentieth and early twenty first centuries - the wars, the holocausts, the use of atomic and chemical weapons on civilian populations, the misery of famines and viruses such as aids. This era is known here as ‘The Era of Shame.’

The terrifying pictures of the suffering of the innocents invoked unfathomable shame within the hearts of those seated. Paul held Rebecca’s hand in anguish and as their tears fell they both were totally mortified of being a part of the human race.

Gabriel continued the commentary - and the pictures continued to graphically relive the horror. ‘Words and phrases such as global warning, overpopulation, depletion of energy resources and famines became symbolic clichés of much debate and little lasting action.

You became familiar with the term ‘clash of civilisations’ or as it is referred to here, ‘the clash of the uncivilised nations’. If nations were truly civilised they would not clash, let alone murder each other’s populations. This inevitable ‘clash of the uncivilised nations’ added to the disintegration of world equilibrium. Yet again God was used as the excuse for this infantile ignorance.

Important world events occurred including China’s rise as a super power and the eventual decline of the United States as a global power bled financially dry from the unwinnable so called war on terror and from the foreordained collapse of the US dollar.

The battered and war ruined Middle East and its oil reserves was ultimately controlled by a coalition of The United States, The United Kingdom, Germany, France and Israel. A pact was later engineered between those countries and with India, Russia and a remilitarised Japan to encircle China to contain her growth and power. This led to the ongoing orchestrated border skirmishes, the coalition-financed insurgency in China and trade barriers being imposed by western nations. As China’s markets dried up her economy was plunged into a recession.

Weakened world governments and smaller nation states, jealous and untrusting security services together with the unstoppable march of globalisation led to advent of the business syndicates or world mafia gaining immense power over Governments and the media. Once in control they manipulated all of the important areas of world economics making trillions of dollars in profits along the way and cemented their global power base. They created civil and cross border wars and famines for profit and destroyed the economies of countries as if the target countries were pawns in a global chess game.

The cancerous phenomena of the urban Radicals who had anarchy as their goal and terrorism as their means swept the world’s big cities. The International Peace Keepers were formed on the ashes of the defunct United Nations under the guise and for the purpose of battling and controlling the radical anarchists gangs. In reality the Peace Keepers became the feared new World Gestapo.

These events you are aware of and are now history. However, as always, what you observe on Earth is only the shadow of reality from the spiritual world’s perspective. These events are best described, although simplistically, are the outcomes of the struggle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. Please do not misinterpret the meaning of my words. For example in the ‘clash of the uncivilised nations’ and the subsequent war on terror this was not a struggle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness - between God and the unbelievers. Remember it is the law in the higher spiritual realms that Divine Love conjoins – the influence of the lower dimensions is one of destruction and disintegration. We see humans commit mass murder upon each other’s societies in our name and weep. Tens of thousands of Angels are left to pick up the pieces of this wanton human destruction and butchery.’ Gabriel’s voice raised an octave. ‘God is never on the side of insanity.’

There was a moment’s silence for reflection. The pictures revealed the truth direct from the Akashic Records and the truth clearly showed the insanity of man. Paul still felt the anguish sieving within his soul. He thought, God must be God the merciful because if not, how ever could we be forgiven for such bestial crimes.

Gabriel looked compassionately into Paul’s eyes before continuing. ‘Marduk and his followers revel in each victory and with each victory they gain in power. They are now deceitfully manipulating those in control to plunge the world into a dark age of evil. Their intent is to lower the spiritual vibrationary rate on this planet to a level so dense that we of the higher spheres will no longer be able to penetrate and influence events and to make it nigh impossible for any human to reach the state of spiritual enlightenment.

And this beautiful planet Earth grieves. Raped and plundered, racked with planetary cancer, incurable – incurable that is, unless a complete renewal takes place.

The Syndicate is about to proclaim the New World Government. Paul who is seated here among you was their intended new leader. He was to be the charismatic youthful face of the tyranny and upheaval that is to come. Mercifully they lost the battle for Paul’s soul. Paul and his beautiful new wife Rebecca are now destined to be the Stewards of Chiron.

To create confusion among the populations and in an attempt to sabotage the success of Chiron a double will initially be substituted for Paul and used as a figurehead for the New World Government.

The World Government will announce and carry out many new and innovative programs and in doing so will win the hearts and minds of tens of millions of followers. However behind the scenes sinister covert operations will begin with the aim of reducing the world population by sixty percent. Genetically selective viruses will create pandemics in various parts of the world including Africa and South America. Permanent contraception programs will be initiated in many countries via the water supply. Media blackouts will be placed on these programs and replaced with the usual propaganda campaigns.

There will be resistance to the new totalitarian government and to the stringent new security measures. Insurgency and civil wars on racial, religious and cultural grounds will become prevalent across the globe. The scourge of terrorism will remain part of daily events. Marduk’s Radicals will continue to ravage the cities. Tactical nuclear weapons will be exploded on battlefields and dirty bombs will be set off in highly populated cities adding to the misery and carnage.

As society disintegrates the Earth will begin its renewal. Without warning the magnetic poles will shift. Earthquakes and the following tsunamis will bring destruction to much of the infrastructure on the planet. Volcanoes will erupt, temporarily blacking out the sun. Storms and tornados will vent their anger across the globe. Cities on the coastlines will be devastated and food and drinking water will be in short supply. Lands will become submerged and new land will rise from the ocean bed.

All these events are destined and now unfortunately are unstoppable.

We the Angelic Council hope and pray that a dynamic shift in consciousness on planet Earth occurs. We fervently pray that the remaining population will finally turn away from the temporary security of consumerism and possessiveness of goods, chattels and doctrines and return to the Godhead. These proceeding fateful months will be the time of reckoning. If enough people turn to the spiritual light the planet will be saved and Chiron, the new Lemuria, will succeed. If they do not Marduk and his followers will surely have won.

This final battle will be fought for the hearts of mankind.

So my final plea to all of you is to go forth and spread the word amongst your communities and congregations. Your belief systems are now obsolete. Your religions and dogmas have been abolished. Encourage all to turn their hearts and minds only to the light and to the pure love of God. The golden bounty that is waiting for you in the heavenly spheres is of so mammoth proportions that the preciousness of all the gold or Earth would not be traded for even one minute of Divine bliss.

This time the end is truly nigh. May God bless you all.'

And with that final echoing interdimensional blessing they found themselves back within their physical bodies and in their chairs in the Mandir. For most of the visitors, it was a time of intense reflection and true heart felt sorrow. Even the promise of a bright new tomorrow, the New Lemuria was dependent upon the victory of light over darkness and by no means certain.

What was certain however was that they now knew that the coming months would be diabolical and horrifying. Change, of course, is inevitable. But this change was of a monumental nature. A gigantic shift in consciousness to where life on Earth would be experienced by all as being a preparation for the higher dimensions - or reduced to a sinister spiritual abattoirs for Marduk and those of the lower dimensions to harvest at their will.

A choice had to be made and the choice for many present that day was extremely perplexing. Forced by circumstances into a position of choosing between the hierarchical power, the doctrines and rituals of their religions on the one hand and God and the Angelic Council on the other. The ramifications were staggering. Wakonda’s proclamation echoed through their minds:

‘Today will be known as the Day Of Witness. Today will herald in the new world religion - the only world religion. And that religion will be the Religion Of Love Divine.’

They knew that Wakonda did not mean that this new religion would be comprised of a unified set of belief systems replacing the various conflicting previous ideologies. They knew it was not a matter of adjusting the dogma and doctrines and substituting labels. This was to be a revolution in spiritual consciousness not substitution.

How were they expected to communicate such decisions to their colleagues and what would be the response.

In the semi darkness, Wakonda silently beckoned Paul and Rebecca to stand and to follow him to the anteroom. Once outside the hall the holy man spoke. ‘The guests will soon have to leave on the helicopters to meet their varying schedules and flights,’ he whispered. ‘We will let them contemplate for a few minutes to re-centre themselves. Then the curtains will be removed from the windows and they will file out in reverse order as they arrived. We will wait here in the anteroom to say our goodbyes.

Paul was the first to speak after they put their shoes on. ‘Wakonda, I think I also speak for Rebecca, I beg you – please do not let them kill you. Surely sacrificing your life does not serve the cause. Why hand a victory to the enemy on a plate.’

‘I absolutely agree,’ pleaded Rebecca. ‘We need you on the Earth right now. I thought that is the very reason why you incarnated.’

‘Please, I know you both mean well but have trust that I know what I am doing. Do not try to defend me or attempt any retribution against the perpetrator. Events must play out as they are destined.’ Wakonda then added cryptically, ‘Do not under any circumstances shake their hands as they leave.’

Paul had reservations but agreed and sensing the implied danger, he held Rebecca tightly around the waist and whispered in her ear, ‘I love you.’

‘I love you too,’ she replied softly before turning to Wakonda. ‘Do you know who intends to kill you?

Wakonda looked at her in the eyes and replied telepathically. ‘Yes and so will you when the time comes. The Golden Seal of Chiron you wear as your wedding band will empower your maternal feelings of protection and intuition to the level of a seer. However, be warned, what you observe today must not be revealed to anyone.’

‘Not even to Paul?’

‘Especially to Paul,’ Wakonda replied.

Rebecca accepted the answer without knowing the reasons why she should withhold information from Paul.

Paul suspected that communication between Rebecca and Wakonda had occurred but chose for the moment to remain silent.

‘You will of course move to a suite of rooms in the Mandir. Melissa has already organised for Paul’s luggage to be delivered there.’ He then spoke to Rebecca. ‘And Melissa also had your belongings moved whilst you were sitting on the bench laughing with Karadra today.’

‘We have both been beautifully set up,’ said Rebecca, her eyes beaming. ‘You have orchestrated the whole thing!’

‘We merely sped matters up a little, that’s all. Time is running out.’

‘Well we feel blessed and most grateful.’

‘Hear hear,’ agreed Paul as he noticed for the first time in the light of the anteroom Rebecca’s muddied face and dust covered clothes. ‘You look like you have been on ‘secret women’s business’ with the local aboriginal elders,’ chuckled Paul. ‘Did they put you through some sought of empowerment ritual?’

Rebecca blushed. ‘Yes and you better get used to eating witchetty grubs for dinner too,’ she responded playfully but also to let Paul know that she too had been reading up on the history of the local indigenous people.

The visitors, started with the representatives of the Anglican and Uniting Churches, filed past Wakonda, each in turn shaking the holy man’s hand and congratulating Rebecca and Paul on their wedding.

As each delegation passed to bid their farewells, Rebecca could sense, as Wakonda had foretold, that her awareness levels were heightened. It was as if she could read their individual emotions – their feelings of fear and trepidation. Some were visibly shaken with the prophecies whilst others attempted to put up a brave front for Wakonda. Rebecca somehow understood their innermost essence and the vibrationary levels from which they were operating. Her ring, one of the Holy Seals Of Chiron felt energised and she could feel an unmistakeable heat radiating from her fingers. She suspected correctly that to maximise the extraordinary powers her ring afforded her she would need to practice and perhaps undertake some training techniques. Her curiosity expanded as she wondered what powers Paul’s ring might contain.

Paul was busy chatting statesmanlike with the Israeli Prime Minister and the three Rabbis when Rebecca noticed that the last delegation were over near the doors to the prayer hall putting their sandals on. Rebecca shuddered. A terrorising fear shot up her spine. ‘No it can’t be,’ she whispered. ‘Surely not the … Not so soon...’

Wakonda nudged her and once more telepathically communicated. ‘Remember Rebecca, do not let on you know. When they walk past just smile and if they talk to you thank them for coming to Chiron and for sharing your wedding day.’

‘But… I can’t believe it! Why of all people…?’

‘The truth will be revealed,’ he responded with mystery. ‘Do not jump to conclusions.’

The head of the delegation, flanked by his entourage, approached Wakonda and offered his hand. ‘May peace be with you my Lord.’

Wakonda accepted the handshake. He felt the back of the ring pinpricking into his hand. He felt the stinging sensation as the deadly poison entered his blood stream. ‘And also with you,’ he replied with compassion and understanding.

The visitor then bowed and kissed Wakonda’s ring. ‘May God forgive me.’

‘There is nothing to forgive,’ replied Wakonda.

The entourage turned and left immediately without offering another word.

Rebecca stared at Wakonda, looking for an inkling of a hint in his facial expressions or his eyes.

Wakonda remained steadfast.

Paul walked over to where Rebecca and Wakonda was standing. ‘The Israelis are returning home to debate whether they should have another Exodus. They are considering recommending to their people a mass migration to Australia. They were even talking about piping water down from the top end to Central Australia where they are planning to start a new colony.’

‘That will come to pass,’ said Wakonda. ‘The Israelis will become an integral part of Australia’s future. The Australian government will accept their proposal on the basis they merge their military and nuclear capabilities with Australia.’ Wakonda faltered for a second and Paul was quick to spot the momentary pained look on the holy man’s face.

‘Are you alright – is there anything wrong?’ he asked glancing at Rebecca at the same time.

‘Yes perfectly alright thank you Paul. Everything is exactly the way it is meant to be.’

Just at that moment Bashar, Don and Sonia entered the anteroom. Don and Sonia slipped on their shoes and Bashar elected to stay barefooted.

‘My blood brother Wakonda, it’s so good to see you again,’ trumpeted Bashar and hugging Wakonda in the process. He gazed into Wakonda’s eyes and whispered. ‘I sense you are not well, yes?’

‘I will tonight be with your Nadia, my brother.’

‘Ah, I see,’ he replied, his eyes deep with compassion.

He turned abruptly to Rebecca and spoke jovially out loud. Aha! And this delightful creature must be the beautiful Rebecca. Paul you must introduce me!

‘Rebecca this is Bashar, my spiritual Guru.’

Bashar hugged Rebecca in a bear hug and once more Paul felt the irrational twinge of possessiveness as he saw the teasing knowing smile on Rebecca’s face and knew her breasts were now pressed hard up against Bashar’s chest.

‘And I will continue to be his Guru, yes?’ Bashar said as he finally unleashed Rebecca.

Paul retaliated in the only way he knew how. ‘And this is Sonia my assistant from Austria. Sonia I’d like you to meet my wife Rebecca!’

Sonia almost curtsied. Yet her eyes scanned Rebecca with derision. ‘I am pleased to have finally met you Rebecca. Paul has told me so much about you.’

‘I bet he has,’ fumed Rebecca to herself. ‘Are you planning to stay in Chiron? I doubt if Paul will need an assistant from now on. I’m sure I can assist him as well as you are able to.’

‘Yes I will be staying. I am a scientist and I thought I may be able to help in developing antiviral medicines. You see genetics is one of my other areas of expertise. Besides, my life would be in danger if I left Chiron.’

Rebecca stroked her ring and right at that time wondered if the ring’s powers were more of a curse than a blessing. She knew that Paul had felt a little jealous when she had accepted Bashar’s friendly embrace. She knew he’d used Sonia as retaliation. And she also now knew that Sonia was madly in love with Paul.

‘Then I trust your studies and your work will keep you fulfilled and occupied.’

‘I trust that I will remain fulfilled. Experiments can be so interesting,’ answered Sonia provocatively and then added. ‘By the way are you aware that your clothes and face are covered in dust and mud?’

Paul interrupted sensing that a cat fight was about to erupt. ‘And of course you already know Don Ormsby.’

‘Yes of course. He saved my life and the life of my friend and risked his own in the process.’

Don shook her hand and for a two or three seconds guiltily relived her nakedness in Van der Hyde’s dungeon. Rebecca knew what Don was thinking and replied with a whiff of retaliatory seduction of her own. ‘I might be covered by the dust from the choppers - but at least I am clothed this time we meet Don.'

Don was tongue tied and blushed beetroot red.

Paul blushed beetroot with anger and wanted to know more.

Sonia smirked victoriously.

Bashar roared with laughter.

And Wakonda collapsed to the floor.




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