The Story of Govindamurti

The story of Govindamurti

"Repressions are like a genie in a bottle waiting for the uncorking".

It was an auspicious day indeed. It was the day Govindamurti decided to leave his wife and family and seek enlightenment in a cave in the Himalayas.

For eight long years through the harsh seasons, Govindamurti sat alone in his small cave practicing austerities. He “meditated” long and hard throughout the prolonged cold nights, chanting his mantra, disciplining his mind and practicing his breathing techniques.

With few distractions, his mind soon silenced and he began to experience such beautiful peace and tranquility. Visions of Krishna and Buddha became common and Govindamurti wept with gratitude.

“I am enlightened at last!” Govindamurti one day proclaimed to himself. “I must now return to tell my wife and family.”

“Govinda, my husband, you have returned at last. Please sit down, put your feet up while I prepare a feast to celebrate your return!” exclaimed his wife ecstatically.
Govindamurti was pleased indeed with the welcome and made himself quite comfortable in the armchair.

“I am surprised you haven’t noticed, but I am now enlightened!” he later announced with feigned humility.

“That’s nice darling. I’ll pour the chai.”

“I don’t think you understand, I am enlightened,” Govindamurti repeated, his voice now perturbed.

“Oh, yes, yes, I understand, that is wonderful. Now just relax and drink up,” answered his wife, obviously unimpressed.

Govindamurti stood up, trembling with restrained anger. “You don’t understand. I’ve spent eight years becoming enlightened and you dismiss it out of hand with platitudes, you stupid unspiritual woman!”

“You are tired my husband, just sit down and relax. Perhaps practice some of your nice meditation.” His wife remained unruffled.

Govindamurti lunged at his wife violently and held her painfully by the hair, shaking her as he shouted, “You ignorant woman, you haven’t changed a bit. I am telling you one last time. I am Enlightened! I am now filled with love!”


Yes! Repression is the Genie in the bottle that will demand to have its day! Repression is not a substitute for expression. And what is the moral to the story? Well there are many. The obvious "if you know you are innocent, you are not!" (Think about it.)

Enlightenment may well occur in solitude. However, it is in the marketplace that true enlightenment is verified.

Neither are visions a sign of enlightenment:

The disciple with tears of devotion in her eyes proclaims to her Master whilst meditating in the ashram, "Oh Master, I am having this most beautiful vision of Krishna!"The Master is unmoved and replies dryly, "Don't worry, just keep doing the breathing technique I gave you, the vision will soon go away."

The mind has its self-imposed peripheries. Tantra techniques, through expression, are aimed at breaking through these boundaries into freedom and totality.




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